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Tom DeSanto talks about Rogue

Tom DeSanto, executive producer of X-Men and its upcoming sequel X2, told The Continuum that the character of Rogue has a definite growth arc that was planned in the first film. "It gets back to the roots of the character with Rogue," DeSanto told The Continuum. "So much of where that character is right now is because of where she started. The Rogue of the current comics is after the transformation. "We're sort of going back to the roots of the character before her comfortableness with her sexuality and her sassiness. When Rogue was first brought into the X-Men, she was very timid. She couldn't touch anyone. What not only a physical curse, but an emotional and psychological curse. Eventually, through time and her feeling of family and kinship, she was able to relax and let those self-imposed walls down that she had built up."

Am I the only person who thinks that is bull? I don't seem to recall Rogue ever being timid. Admittedly she was timid about having to crawl to her enemies(the x-ment) begging for forgiveness for what she did to Ms. Marvel- I would be too. A little humility helps but timid, I don't recall that ever in Rogue's personality. This seems to me to be a way to justify how useless Rogue was in the first movie. This just proves to me what I've always thought, Rogue was better off with Mystique at first. She pushed Rogue to not withdraw from use of her powers where the X-Men treat is like a plague. Sure, it has obvious not so nice reprocussions as compared to Jean Grey happily reading people's minds. I really wish Marie would join Mystique for awhile in the movieverse. How about let's see her get to use her power in a really neat defense like everyone else's power gets to in the previews.
If I can choose this story it would be ideal for Rogue to move on during or at the end of this movie to train with Mystique for awhile. ;p
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